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LiveJournal for FRANK the TANK.

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

Time:2:42 pm.
wut did u call me??????????????????????????
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Monday, August 9th, 2004

Time:1:33 am.
Six people found murdered in a Deltona, Fla., were beaten to death with aluminum baseball bats over a missing Xbox game console and some clothes, the Volusia County sheriff said Sunday.three teens to storm the Deltona home Friday and brutally murder the six people inside, The instrument used was baseball bats, aluminum baseball bats," Johnson said at a press conference. "They (four suspects) did severe trauma to all of the victims. As a matter of fact, one of them was so badly damaged that we've not been able to officially identify her."This was all over some missing items of clothing and an Xbox that he (Troy Victorino) felt belonged to him," Johnson said Sunday.

Three of the suspects have confessed to the murders, Local 6 News confirmed Sunday.

Johnson said all of the men were "active participants" in the murders.

"It just never surprises me, some of the ridiculous things that happen but this was a crime I hope we never see another one like this in my career," Johnson said. This is the worst that I've ever (seen) in my career."

The bodies of the four men and two women were found Friday in different rooms of a three-bedroom home in Deltona, about 25 miles north of Orlando.

The discovery was made after a Burger King co-worker of one of the dead women asked someone to visit the home because she had not arrived for work, officials said. Saturday, the sheriff's office identified the victims as Michelle Ann Nathan, 19; Anthony Vega, 34; Roberto "Tito" Gonzalez, 28, of New York; Francisco Ayo Roman, 30; and Jonathan Gleason, 18.

Authorities had not yet positively identified the sixth victim because her face was unrecognizable.

Sunday, Johnson said the suspects apparently forced entry into the home's front door and began the attack immediately.

"The victims really had no chance," Johnson said. "They had no chance to arm themselves it appears."

No other names have surfaced as possible suspects, Local 6 News reported.

The killing spree in the working-class, bedroom community of more than 70,000 people was the deadliest in Florida since 1990, when a man whose car was repossessed shot eight people to death at a Jacksonville loan office before turning the gun on himself.

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Time:1:15 am.
man o man it has been a few well i have been really busy well my truck was broke and i got that fixed umm my ex gf called me 1 day and was like i had a dream were we broke up and u hated me and u left the state n i could'nt find u and then a few yrs later i found u and u were married and had kids she was like maybe i lost sumthing good? i was like probly i mean im not being all conseaded lol u like the way i spelt it? hahaha umm idk if ne 1 heard about the 6 ppl who got killed in central fl (deltona) well if u did thats were i used to live and i no 2 ppl who got killed and 1 of the ppl who did it all this stupid shit over an x-box wtf????/ stupid ppl umm idk wut else to say maybe ill put more in here in a while idk
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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Time:2:25 pm.

damn were to start?????? well my clutch went out in my truck so i have'nt been driving that it sux cuz i have 2 jobs well now 3 jobs i got hired at albertson's so i have 3 now woooooo but i have 3 jobs n no money and i had to pay half on my car insurance and half on my cell fone bill man it sux not havin money and now i have to get my truck fixed tooo man o man i hate this sooo much but i mean ill end up catchin up ummm im still single like i want a gf but idk if i want 1 cuz i still luv paige my ex gf but if i get a gf i want 1 my age 17 18 19 20 21 that would work lol im sooo lost i hate it here listen to my friends band


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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Time:10:05 pm.
MaLaDjUsTeDHeArT: im in the mood for romance

xHANDxTOxHANDx: cum over

xHANDxTOxHANDx: ill romance u

MaLaDjUsTeDHeArT: how so

xHANDxTOxHANDx: ill put sum romance on ur chest

MaLaDjUsTeDHeArT: dork
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004

Subject:car domain
Time:3:23 pm.



my truck on car doamin

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Subject:MY TRUCK
Time:1:20 pm.

there not that good of pics lolol  

josh's car

this is the pic were sum 1 shot me with a bottle rocket  lolol

thats a kool pic^^^^^

ralph on 4th of july  hahahahaha

now the day time of my truck

we were tryin to see wut the back of my truck would look like lowered hahahaha  damn my neons r kool  lol



haha  my rims!

bling bling bling


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Time:1:14 pm.

ya i have'nt had ne time to update i have been sooo busy now that i have 2 jobs and i still have no fuckin money!!!!!!! grrrrrr lol i had to drive the mustang to work yesterday man i hate that thang lolol my clutch in my truck went so i can't drive that 4 a lil bit i <3 that truck so that sucks idk how im goin to get to towers hahaha im goin to have to ask carly to take me n michelle lolol im have been so tired and shit my manger nader at the store in tamarac me n him got in to it on saturday man he pissed me off and i am tired of all the manger's talkin down to me cuz im a dish washier so i said fuck this and i was spiting back at him we went on for like 10 mins and i was like u no fuck it shut up im tired of it! and then i walked away thats y i went to sawgrass denny's to learn how to cook so i can get out of tamarac but i can't lololol but now nader wants to train me as a cook lolol so idk



^ car club   DEUCE

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004

Subject:long long time
Time:11:38 am.
well well well it has been alonggggggggggg time since i have updated i have been busy i have been hangin out with josh and carly and michelee a whole lot let me see umm i have been puttin alot of money in to my truck soo it will look good i have a red neon body kit on it it looks hot!!!! josh and carly have white neon body kits on there car so every friday night cummin back from towers we have our neons on and we get side by side and block traffic its funny then we see the big 18 whellers behind us so were like fuck and we take off lol we go to applebee's alot lololol they have good food its funny my old stalker rachel was at towers last night and josh n carly were like omg we no here lolololol i was liek im sry lolol ther friend rino used to get stalked by rachel hahahaha that shit was funny o man o man i am workin at 2 denny's now i work at the 1 in tamarac on university and then i work at the 1 over by sawgrass mills on sunrise its not bad i mean im gettin the money now so ill b hookin my truck up now lol im thinkin about puttin a bigger motor in my truck like a hooked up motor bling bling lol i think i just heard thunder??? lol im havin no luck with girls lol it sux but its funny cuz me n michelle r always hangin out so every 1 in the complex thinks were dating hahaha its so funny cuz im big and shes so small hahaha ooo my best friend alicia who was in iraq came home but it was for bad reasons her dad killed him self the other day i felt so bad for her cuz alot has been goin on in her life and it sux i hate it for her right now grrrrrrrrrrrrrr im goin to try n go up to deltona to see her i want to see her im goin to b goin to orlando soon with josh n carly that will be fun and then we will proly b goin to panama city here in a few weeks im not sure yet idk o calry was liek ill hook u up with my cousin but shes a bitch i was like o gee thanx lolololol but im off like a prom dress
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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

Subject:me n carly
Time:10:36 am.
BrOwNxEyEs413: hey frank
xHANDxTOxHANDx: who?
BrOwNxEyEs413: is this frank?
xHANDxTOxHANDx: who r u?
BrOwNxEyEs413: carly
xHANDxTOxHANDx: im slim shady
xHANDxTOxHANDx: the lead singer of d12 baby
BrOwNxEyEs413: lol
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

Subject:no understanding
Time:10:14 pm.
well i have been hangin out with josh n carly alot and its making me want a gf real real bad and i feel so lonely i mean ya i just got out of an relationship but i mean when we were together we were'nt cuz i live here n she lives up there 3 hrs away and a 330 miles drive and i mean i went up there a few weekends ago and then we broke up for good n i luv her i really do but i mean righ tnow i want a gf but i don't idk wut im doin im soo lost i mean there is this 1 girl i no i can go out with but when ever im around all i can think of is sex and idk y? and i mean she was like i don't want to do ne thing out side of an realtoinshsip and she was like we can do stuff and proly have sex but i mean if i go out with her ill feel like all i want her for is sex but i mean i don't but idk im so lost right now im tired of always seein ppl with each other even seein gay guys makes me mad cuz i wish i had sum 1 i mean not a gay guy but u no lololol i hate it well im off to hustlers to play pool with josh n carly peace
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Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Subject:me n josh
Time:8:45 pm.
xHANDxTOxHANDx: i walk up to em and im like wuts up ladies? im slim shady the lead singer of d12 baby(o my god its him)
xHANDxTOxHANDx: haha
Protegestalker: lol tight whats up
xHANDxTOxHANDx: im tryin to throw my game at a hottie
Protegestalker: o 4real
xHANDxTOxHANDx: holler at a bj
Protegestalker: cool u meet people offline
xHANDxTOxHANDx: sumtimes
xHANDxTOxHANDx: i don't go out ne were
Protegestalker: u r going to end up meetin a stalker lol
xHANDxTOxHANDx: i hope so
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Time:6:13 pm.
well i have been real bored nothin gbig has been happeing i have been workin hmmmm paige broke up with me for good now so im single like ne 1 is goin to jump up and try to date me ha ya let me tell u umm my n josh n his gf n michelle have been hangin out alot oooo i put red neons on my truck it looks hot when its at night josh has white on his car it looks good im goin to put alot of money in to my truck it will b awsome well idk wut else to say?
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LiveJournal for FRANK the TANK.

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